A downloadable application for Windows and macOS


3D world exploration application
It's scary and lonely out there. Good luck, and may all your dreams come true.

Controller Recommended #%!

Keyboard & Mouse supported

*MAC USERS* may experience issues with the highlighted option in the pause menu. This is a known issue that will hopefully be fixed in the full release.


CatWorld 0.3.zip 298 MB
archival.zip 259 MB
CatWorld DEMO.app.zip 219 MB


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hey, when i launch the game, it shows me a black screen, what should i do ? the game looks good th


the vibes, the aesthetic and the general feel is so goooood. cant wait for the full release 


Me encantó, espero sigas desarrollando el juego.


THIS IS SUPER AWESOME!!! good luck on finishing it! :D


I had a lot of fun playing this game! There were many times when I freaked out because of the atmosphere and the noises from the static meowsters! If you're curious about my experience with this game, you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here!



I normally don't play things like this, was scary but awesome (12 Mins Timestamp)

I have came to make a bug report, whenever I boot up the game, it only displays the credit and never shows me the game itself. the game IS continuing in the background, but I can't see it??? whats going on??? someone pls help me

Unfortunately I'm not sure how to solve this atm ;_; The image you're stuck on is the engine splash screen (Godot allows a custom image). It may or may not be some compatibility issue with your system. I'm sorry you're unable to play, will try to look into this issue as soon as I can.

hey, i have the same problem too, but its maybe because im playing on windows 11, is it compatible on win 11 


eyyy runs perfectly through wine, very cool!

how do i find the cat rave please help


welp just thought to post this here as it is very important to get as much info on how to improve your game as possible.

Nitro Rad's Catworld Review


da cat is so hilarious, I want a stuffie of da cat




So sick


Sad cat game 😿 ->


This is pretty great. Kudos. Looking forward to more atmosphere & cat. 

I found the rave & the "Dream Artifact", also got 108 collects before the rave.

I am questionable of the collectable (kudos on look and sound by the way) if you intend them to be unique or not (Since post rave they respawn). Also curious of your ideas over how they go away at a distance, maybe replace with a sprite when far away?  (Idea I seen from Zera Myth Awakens) Its nice to collect em all, maybe a counter post "level / expierence"?  Though I can see it just being more chill thing as well. Though I think the suspense to get em seems right myself.

(Also for fountain maybe not have it be 1 click per bit?)

Thx for the expierence with this demo by the way. It was fun


good game really liked it 🐱‍👤 keep up the good work!


its my friend


I seriously fell in love with this the moment I started playing this i actually drew the lil cato!! you did a great job with the atmosphere and I think this is a really cool and uniqe little thing idk if you plan to expand on it but id absolutely love to see whats in store if you do!!


cat :3

i love it


Cool, but the character's walk sound is hard panned to the left ear which is super annoying


still trying to figure out why this happens on some systems 🧐🤔 bc it doesn't happen on my desktop pc or laptop


so excited to see where this goes!!! urban capitalist wasteland is cold and lonely but being a funny little cat makes it a bit better.

i know it's not what you're going for at all (probably?) but seeing this alongside your 2d character maker makes me want some kind of character creation/customisation in this....... if nothing else i can dream of funny little catfriend decorating their funny little house with cool junk they find :)


I'm partway into the demo so far, and I think it's pretty cool! It's really hard to see though, and I need to strain my eyes even with the lamp... A gamma slider in the release would be much appreciated.


SPOILER** I laughed so hard at the nightcore dreamscape rave lawl!


i’d love to see a Mac/Linux port of this once it’s in a sort-of finished state! your work here is great and i love the atmosphere of this game.


A Mac build just came out.


This game looks very promising. I love the aesthetic, it feels like this little green cat character inhabits a world similar to ours, but twisted in it's own way. Though I do feel like it is missing some character development, some inner dialogue from our character, even a name or something to advance and give more depth to what seems to be this cat's nightmares. Maybe he's struggling with mental illness, maybe when he sleeps he's transported to another world, but I do feel that they need some personification in order for me to care about this character and want to advance through these surreal landscapes (that I absolutely adore) that seem to haunt them in their sleep. Overall very beautiful looking but lacking in the narrative department. Also one more thing, gameplay wise the big static cat knights are really cool but I feel that their surreal design and nature can give opportunity to more interesting gameplay other than chase and kill behaviour and the walking slow mechanic though interesting feels very useless in the end. Thank you for sharing your art.

I disagree. He is the "every cat", because he is voiceless we put ourselves into... I mean technically the cat doesn't even have a gender


Hello. Sorry to be "that guy" but will there be a Linux release eventually? :(

Small suggestion but you could grab Wine to run .exe files and the like
Though I agree an official release would be nice

I mean yes, I could use Wine, but seeing as the game is made in Godot Engine exporting to Linux shouldn't be too hard (I've never had issues exporting to Linux myself)


Will be working on this soon 👍


Also stuck on the dev image but can hear the game and movements and menu


I love the game! This shows some serious potential; I'm excited for more content in the future!

My only sugestion at this point is a [VIDEO] submenu for the [OPTIONS] button in the [PAUSE] menu; my computer is a bit of a toaster and somehow can't handle the HUB world with as much FPS as I'd like. A render distance option would be nice!

I'm excited for this game's future! And remember, don't finish a game because we want you to; do it for you. 

Also I love the green cat's expression it's nice

I decided to try the archival copies to poke around when it comes to the glitch getting people stuck on the dev logo, updated graphics drivers, ran all 3 versions in different compatibility modes and as administrator, I hoped I'd find something helpful from this but unfortunately nothing changed


This is great! Found out about this game from the NitroRad video, really loved what you've got here so far. I would really love a save feature, though - or maybe every X number of collectables you can get a save? Just throwing out ideas, because the combination of platforming and stealth means that I needed to restart sections several times and didn't get through the whole alpha. As a fellow Godot developer though, it's great to see something 3D made in Godot and is a lovely mix between retro graphics and newer effects & visuals. Great work!

camera keeps bobbing up whatever i do, makes this a very stressful experience when i'm constantly shifting the camera down sorry

(1 edit) (+15)

Can you add a meow button? 👉👈


a "Meow" button would totally be a great idea - use it to distract guards and you could also use it to convey emotion, make the meow sound lower pitched and more gravelly or sadder sounding depending on how many times you've died, or how many awful things the player has seen. Would be a nice way to convey character AND put in some more gameplay complexity, plus it'd be cute too ^_^

Meow button would be nice; would have a lot of potential. It could be a little easter egg for those pressing all the buttons or it could be an essential game mechanic, or anything in-between. 'Course it's entirely possible that it doesn't fit with the game but it'd have a lot of potential for parts of the game, unfinished or finished.

Random ideas (just suggestions):
-Could be used to alert guards to move them to your position. May be useful for speedrunning if you want to disrupt pathing.
-Could be used in conjunction with powerups/upgrades to add more movement options to the game. For example, a meow that hurls you backwards, even while in the air.
-Could be used as an emote (like crouch spamming in MC) if using multiplayer. If you can't press crouch a whole bunch of times, you could press the meow button a whole bunch and have a similar effect. This assumes multiplayer is planned, which might not be.
-Another multiplayer feature; could be used to alert other players to your position. This assumes multiplayer is planned, which might not be.
-Could be used to echo-locate (suggested by a friend) so you can see in dark areas.
-Could be used to attack guards or activate things.
-Could have different kinds of meows for multiplayer (assuming multiplayer is planned)?

These are just ideas; They don't need to be implemented but they're there if need be. Also, I know like 1/2 of the suggestions assume multiplayer is possible and that's something that may not happen, even if it's just "I see your character where you are and that's it." Again, great game, and great idea!


I like the sound design and the atmosphere of the game. I notice that a couple of sounds used were from existing games (item found sfx from SH + bumping sfx from Super Mario 64). I thought that was pretty cute and oddly fitting for this game! I hope to hear more original sound design from this though. Looking forward to its full release.


Game won't start, it gets stuck on dev logo. I've downloaded the game twice now


I'm currently looking into this, will try to have an update out soon!


Nitro Rad sent me. please take care of your heath & well-being while being a game dev. So looking forward to playing this!


Gotta say, I think you have something here. I quite enjoyed everything in this demo. I think I explored most everything, and am not disappointed in the slightest. Very well done, I'll definitely keep my eyes on this project.

A couple things I'd like to say:

1. I was initially very put off by what seemed to be audio issues. Noises were coming from what seemed like the opposite of where they should, and it was really off putting, until I realized that the audio channels were dependent on where the character's ears were. If that was intentional, that was a really clever touch, well done.

2. This is kind of a rough complaint to write, because it could be completely intentional, in which case disregard this, but I think that dying was rather punishing at times. It completely killed the tension and my immersion to be sent back to the beginning of an area because of a slip up I made. I was kind of hoping for a little more leniency, like maybe a checkpoint after a lever gets flipped, or after picking up an item, but that's just me.

*Spoilers from here on out to anyone else who might be reading and hasn't played the game yet, you have been warned*

3. Small thing, but I noticed that if I was being chased, it was most likely going to result in my death, however I could avoid the enemy's attack by timing my jump. If intentional, I like this a lot. Makes chases seem like something that could be counter-acted and possibly something to escape from, or perhaps you can't escape from it, and it gives you the futile hope that you can, which I like from an atmosphere perspective.

4. I made it to the secret rave, which I expected to be a nice escape from the atmosphere and a reward for my exploration, but seeing the dead corpses littered across the ground with the stimulants and antidepressants, as well as reading the dialogue was crushing, but in a way that enhanced the game experience. It kind of denies the player of the happiness they want from finding a secret like a rave, and in a game like this, that's a great touch, and frankly amazing.

If you read this whole thing, thanks. I hope development for this game goes smooth as butter, and any other projects you may make as well.


dubious little creature


hey, ive been trying to play for a bit now, installed twice, but i cant play because the visuals stay stuck on the dev logo screen on starting up the window, and expanding the window just makes the whole thing black. i press buttons and move my thumbstick and i can hear things happening, but im getting no visuals. is there something i might be doing thats causing this?


I'm not sure what could be causing this ;_; never heard of this bug before, but I'll do some research and see what I can find


I have this probelem too

i hope you can fix it 

i really want to play this gam :3


Hi, here from 4 minutes into NitroRad's video! Is there any chance you'll be releasing a Mac-compatible version? I rly wanna play this but all I got is my shitty old Mac laptop lol :,)


I would like to, but as of now I don't have any way to test a mac version. I will be looking into this at some point though!

Totally understandable!


I second this! I only have a Mac, but would love to play :)


here from nitro rad's video. love the vibes and visuals so much, can't wait for the full game!


Here from the Nitro Rad review. This game look like exactly the kind of game I want. It looks awesome, I hope you continue working on stuff. I also found the rave without any outside help, which was awesome. I wanna see where you take this whole thing, because the atmosphere is on point. One thing I have a problem with, that will most likely be patched out, is the fact that the walking sound only appears on one side of my ear (headphone user). Also I found you can sort of get caught on the fences in the hub when using the wings, but that's kinda a minor thing. Last note - While I'm sure you've got no need for extra hands, and while I have very little experience to my name, I'd love to offer my help besides. If theres anything you need help with, just give me a poke. I can playtest, proof read, I've composed a soundtrack for a video game before and I have some knowledge of game design but no coding experience. Either way, I love the apocalyptic, bleak atmosphere you've got going on with this game and I hope to see the final product! Keep up the great work.


Thanks, glad you liked it :) I'm aware of the 3D audio issues on some systems but haven't really investigated it yet. Planning on figuring that out before the full release

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